Access control

Access Control Services

The need for increased security has been rapidly growing in the last several years. Access control systems became a standard component of organization’s security. With Alfa’s focus on seamless integration and our ability to design and implement sophisticated security solutions, we are here to help you make follow of people and assets at your premises smother, safer and more secure.

Alfa Offers Unified Access Control Systems

  • Convergence of IP and security technologies established new demands for security platforms. Unified operation is one of them and Alfa is here to address this need. We make seemingly independent components of your security solution work as one whole. The benefits are substantial:

  • Better User Experience

    At Alfa, we are obsessed about letting your security personal achieve more in a day and enjoy their work. With a unified security platforms we offer, you operate multiple components of your security system through single software. Traditionally cumbersome workflows involving access control, video surveillance, alarm and guest management systems are now streamlined. A lot of manual work is automated by the software.

  • Increased Security and Faster Event Handling

    Alfa is determined to help you get more out of your security system with less. Unified security platforms we offer make it possible to monitor, investigate and react to security events virtually in real time. Not only there is single software to work with, but also equipment and database are unified. Producing cross-system event reports is achieved in minutes through automated event correlation, streamlined processes and consistent workflow. Real-time security events pop right on the screen providing sid-by-side comparison of information received from desired sources.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Alfa is all about helping customers in their push towards productivity and cost effectiveness. Unified security platforms we implement are easier to operate, maintain and scale. Single software and standardized system components make the entire security system less expensive in the long run. Better user experience and event correlation increase efficiency and minimize occurrence of costly mistakes. Rest assured that with Alfa, your investment in security and safety will meet the cost and efficiency expectations, satisfy functional requirements of today and tomorrow.

Advanced Access Control Solutions

  • High Security Card Reader Technology

    We implement revolutionary access control products that conform to highest internationally recognized standards. Reader technology with advanced authentication features, including 128 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), ensure unrivaled levels of security, privacy and trust.

  • Elevator Access Control

    By integrating elevators at your premises with access control system, we can help you improve people flow and increase security in your building. We are capable of various implementation scenarios including analog interfacing and IP integrations with elevator controls, security cameras, digital displays and alarm systems. Where wiring to elevator cabins is an obstacle, Alfa offers innovative wireless IP sollutions that are stable and secure.

  • IP Access Control Solutions

    We can take your organization’s security systems to the next level with full-fledged or hybrid IP solutions. Benefits such as reduced installation costs, increased efficiency, ultra-modern user interfaces, open IP standards and virtually endless scaling capabilities come standard.

  • Visitor Management

    By streamlining traditionally cumbersome visitor registration process we can help you achieve unprecedented levels of security and productivity. Seamlessly integrated with access control and video surveillance, visitor management tools allow producing photo-badges in minutes and enrich security event data with relevant information about the card holder.