Alarm Systems

Alarm System Installation Solutions

Convergence of IP, web, mobile and security technologies is taking the security industry by storm. However, thanks to our focus on the latest technologies and user experience, we are well prepared to help you embrace the change and invest into better protecting and safeguarding your organization’s people and assets.

Alarm Systems with People in Focus

  • Latest technological advance - particularly in IP, web and mobile - made it possible for us to design and implement better, smarter and more convenient security solutions. When you invest into a better alarm technology with Alfa, you get an alarm system that is:

  • User friendly

    Security solutions that provide the necessary level of intuitiveness for the user reduce the number of false alarms, simplify operation and provide better control over your organization’s environment. That’s why Alfa strives to make your experience of using the alarm system actually enjoyable.

  • Available on-the-go

    Emergence of web technology allows us to let you operate your alarm system through any modern web browser. With our security solutions, you can check status, run reports, change settings, manage users and arm/disarm your security system from anywhere in the world. And it doesn’t have to be a computer. Operating your alarm system from a smartphone is as easy and convenient. You can even receive notifications, reminders and recorded videos about various security events.

  • Smart and efficient

    Alfa specializes in technologies that deliver sophisticated capabilities yet simplify day-to-day work of people responsible for managing safety and security at your organization. Centralized alarm systems management, scheduled tasks and events, environmental control, complex multi-dimensional reporting, seamless integration with other components of your overall security - all become possible with technology we offer.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

    Sophisticated security systems don’t have to look massive, unattractive and complicated anymore. At Alfa, we have a special focus on making your alarm system visually appealing and enjoyable to use.

Advanced Alarm Solutions

  • Audio & Video Alarm Verification

    Alfa is determined to increase the level of your protection and reduce the number of false alarms virtually to zero. With video/audio alarm verification in effect, our monitoring station will receive additional information in voice and video format along with the alarm signal. Our people will investigate the event within seconds and dispatch emergency and/or security forces if and as appropriate.

  • Remote/Centralized Alarm Systems Management

    Managing hundreds of properties can become a challenging task unless equipped with a security solution designed for that. Alfa can help your organization to become more efficient in controlling multiple locations. Centralized security policies, complex investigations, remote maintenance, troubleshooting and assistance - all become possible with the right combination of alarm equipment and software that Alfa offers.

  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring & Recording

    If your organization maintains a temperature--controlled environment, Alfa has a modern solution for you. Digital temperature sensors connected to advanced security controls can make measurements and store them in the database. Through detailed reporting, pre-programmed automated responses and monitored alarm signals, Alfa will help you achieve efficient use of resources, reduce waste, improve temperature-control equipment maintenance and minimize breakages.