Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Services

We design and implement custom video surveillance solutions that meet your specific requirements. Through our technical know-how and advanced planning, we ensure our implementations are smooth and cost-effective. On every project, we also lay the groundwork for your future expansions and ensure that the video surveillance system we install delivers sufficient technological advance.

Alfa Offers IP Video Surveillance Systems

  • At Alfa, we take a future-forward approach to designing and implementing video surveillance systems. Today, when IT and security converge, consolidated approach to building your network infrastructure and company’s security delivers great financial and technological benefits. We strive to protect your existing investments into analgo CCTV equipment while delivering the best IP technologies have to offer

  • Much Improved Functionality

    IP video surveillance systems we implement offer more effective and highly secure storage and retrieval of video information. They are faster, more reliable and are capable of advanced video analytics. In addition, IP cameras also serve significantly improved image quality and versatility. Not only Network Video Recorders (NVRs) achieve more with IP technologies, but also a lot of intelligence now happens at the camera level.

  • Better Scalability and Flexibility

    At Alfa, we believe IP-based video surveillance system is the only real candidate for mid- to large-scale implementations of today. Flexibility, improved functionality, ease of use and interoperability satisfy modern demands for efficiency and functionality.

  • Reduced Cost of Ownership

    At Alfa we are determined to help you keep costs  of owning a video surveillance system in control. That’s why our choice falls on IP based systems. Not only installations of IP video surveillance are less labour-intensive, but also are maintenance, changes and adds utilizing existing IT infrastructure less costly.  

Advanced Video Surveillance Applications

  • Advanced Video Analytics

    Through implementation of advanced video analytics, Alfa can satisfy demands for high security and automation. Some of use scenarios include License Plate Recognition (LPR), face recognition, smoke and flame detection, object taken/left behind and people count.

  • Elevator Video Solutions

    Alfa is capable of designing and implementing video surveillance solutions for use in elevators. Possible scenarios include wireless IP implementations and integration between video surveillance, card access and digital signage systems.

  • Multi-site and Remote Management

    We implement Video Management Systems that help your organization achieve higher efficiency in managing video security. Centralized, consolidated management reduces overhead and allows for standardised approach to maintaining safe and secure environment across multiple physical properties.