About Alfa

Out Commitment to Quality

Alfa is a Toronto based security solutions provider. We cater to organizations that are concerned with protecting their people and assets and making efficient use of their environment and resources. We don’t just sell security systems. We design, implement and service state-of-the-art solutions that are stable, scalable, efficient, easy to use and future-ready.

Our Values

Alfa Security Solutions Inc.
  • Integrity

    Our company encompasses the true essence of trust, reliability, and dependability. With Alfa, you are guaranteed with the best value of security services that will fit your specific needs. We are dedicated into being a long-lasting partner with your business through our core values. Our company is driven by a customer-oriented background which only exudes the best possible services you may find in this industry. At Alfa, you will definitely feel secured and protected.

  • Professionalism

    We are aware of the complexity of the security business, and we are determined to make our clients feel comfortable and at ease every step of the way. Having a long-lasting relationship with each of our clients is our ultimate goal. This way, we are certain that our services are of great assistance to help reach your company goals. 

  • Reliance

    Our dedicated team is committed to providing the best quality of service through their extensive educational background and rigorous training.  Our employees are trained to serve you with the utmost respect, professionalism, and intellect. Keeping our core values in mind, we hand-pick our professionals who we feel are best suited and qualified to be part of our company. Rest assured our team consists of only the best and highest caliber of individuals in this industry. 

  • Excellence

    We have a steadfast passion for excellence. Alfa will assist you every step of the way, paving toward the path of success. Our company’s main focus is our clients and their satisfaction. We make sure to meet and exceed our client’s highest expectations. 

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide only the best security services to our clients. We use state-of-the-art technology to assure high-quality services that are of best value to your company.

Live the Company Values


Our company believes that, as a company and as individuals, it is imperative to manifest high ethical standards. We, at Alfa, aspire to be known for our outstanding service that echoes our company’s core values. It is our immediate concern to make our clients feel comfortable and secure through our company’s transparency, commitment to service, professionalism, and established corporate identity. We are equipped with a dedicated team of individuals who are in this business to bring only the best quality of service that will satisfy your business needs. We assure you that each of our team members are rigorously trained to be the most excellent and seasoned professionals of this industry.

Focus on Operating Excellence


It is essential for us to establish business relationships with clients, employees, and suppliers that rest on a groundwork of trust, honor, and excellence. Our company’s success is interdependent on each of our employee’s dedication to our core values. We take into serious consideration the ethical values that need to be practiced, especially in the security industry. Each of our professionals is proven competent through extensive training and tests to ensure the quality of individuals we present to our clients. Here at Alfa, you can have our full support and cooperation when it comes to your company’s demands. It is vital for us to make our clients feel that they can entrust their security operations with our team of skilled individuals. This way, we can work hand-in-hand into reaching your businesses’ pinnacle of success.

Communicate Openly 


Alfa also aims to create awareness to a more diverse geographical area of the issues caused by negligence of multi-tenant building security. It is important for us to reach out to a wider audience to ensure the protection of more and more residents of multi-tenant buildings such as condominiums. This must not be taken lightly; hence we are determined to be of assistance to those who are in dire need of security technology services. We also carry out transparent corporate operations in line with our company rules, values and principles. This way, our clients have a crystal clear view of what is going on with their security operations. It is important for our company to establish trust and reliability with our clients. This, in return, will result to a long-lasting and fruitful relationship, enabling both entities to maximize their full potential. 

Qualifications & Certifications

Alfa Security Solutions Inc.
  • Brands

    Some Leaadings Brands that we work with: DSC, Paradox, Europlex, Bosch, Honeyweel, Aiphone, Keyscan, Protege, Condoplex, Axis, Kantech, Pelco, RBH Access.

  • Insurance

    Alfa Security Solutions possess current Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) certification and Liability Insurance, which helps our clients to eliminate unnecessary costs. 

  • Safety

    All our employees are qualified to cater to our clients with their WHIMIS, Fall Arrest and Boom and Scissor Lifts certificates and are mandated to pass a criminal check. This way, our clients will feel secured working with us. 

  • Membership

    Alfa Security Solutions is a proud member of the CANASA (the Canadian Security Associaton), leading organization in the promotion of Canadian fire safety and security standards.